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Hide&Seek Festival !

22->28 august 2016 : World music concerts in unexpected Brussels

Experience a unique combination of a traditional world music concerts in some of the most surprising and symbolic places of Brussels: The Atomium, the Coudenbergh, an old tramway, the corridors (...)

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Mola Sylla, Bao Sissoko, Wouter Vandenabeele (Senegal/Be) | Hide & Seek

Concert in the Solvay Library

The Solvay Library, located in the Leopold Park and the European district, is the perfect setting for a concert. Behind its austere classical façade hides a rich decor of precious wood, mosaics (...)

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Boi Akih (Indonesia/ The Netherlands) | Hide & Seek

Concert in the Horta-Lambeaux Temple of Human Passions & visit of the ’Cinquantenaire’ park

At the heart of the ‘Cinquantenaire’ park, in 1890 Victor Horta designed a temple for the monumental white marble relief "Human passions" by the Antwerp sculptor Jef Lambeaux. For a long time the (...)

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