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Queimada : Quaus de Lanla | Les Bottines Artistiques | A Contrabanda

Bal folk

Let the music break the ice, this is the motto of the Queimada, a popular folk dance night which showcases the Galician ritual of the same name by bringing together bagpipes (A Contrabanda), eau (...)

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Du Bartas (F): cd-presentation Cinc

Occitan vocals and groove

Du Bartas is made up of five voices, an accordion, a bass drum, a tambourine and an oriental violin that all come to life at the prospect of a party. Their previous concerts at the Molière were a (...)

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Baraji (South-Korea)

Shamanistic music

Baraji is a pure Korean word that describes compassionate care given with unconditional support. In Korean traditional music, baraji refers to the impromptu harmony singing by accompanists that (...)

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