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Radio shows Le Monde est un Village and Late Night World
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"It sounds at the same time so ancient and so modern. It is not one culture, one tradition that comes to the fore in this project, but it is the multiple humanity, varied, colorful ...". With these beautiful words Didier Mélon presented Voxtra’s album "The Encounter of Vocal Heritage" in his radio program "Le Monde est un Village" on November 8, available on La Première website. On November 9th Radio Klara devoted much of his broadcast "Late Night World" to the album. But Voxtra is also played on BBC Laten Junction and articles in The London Evening Standard and fROOTS, Songlines Magazine and Trad Mag will come very soon.

This ambitious project brings together the most incredible vocal traditions. This amalgamation - not exactly a fusion, since each tradition is still perfectly recognisable - showcases Albanian iso-polyphony with its plangent quality, the cantu a tenore of the Sardinian countryside, Beko blues singing of southern Madagascar, Finnish yoik and rune singing and the Belgian récit chanté.

Musicians :

Belgium (WAL/FLA)
- Raphael De Cock : vocals, kantele, trunfas

Sardaigne (SAR) : Tenores de Monte Arvu
- Domenico Nanu : vocals
- Giovanni Carta : vocals
- Tore Deledda : vocals
- Ivo Deledda : vocals
- Raphaël De Cock : vocals
- Manuela Deledda : vocals

Albania (ALB) : Gjini Ensemble
- Gramoz Gjini : vocals
- Ylber Gjini : vocals
- Brihans Gjini : vocals
- Raphael De Cock : vocals

Madagascar (MAD)
- Talike Gelle : vocals, percussion

Finland (FIN)
- Anu Junnonen : vocals, glockenspiel

You can buy ’The Encounter of Vocal heritage’

- By postal delivery, after making a bank transfer of 17€ on the bank account BE22 7350 0490 4447. Specify ’name artists, name cd’ and address’.
for bank transfers from Europe : 19 € on : IBAN : BE22 7350 0490 4447 BIC : KREDBEBB
for bank transfers from outside Europe : send an e-mail to to get more information.
- in good record shops in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Ireland (distribution by Discovery Records) and in France or via the main online distributors.
- At Muziekpublique from Tuesday to Friday between 10.30-13h and 15-18h, or in the evening during our concerts, for 15€.
- On iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer,...

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