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The CD Refugees for Refugees has arrived !

Info on the album and on the project

After several months of work, reflection, meetings, exchanges and intense musical moments, the CD Refugees for Refugees ’Amerli’ is finally there ! The 25 musicians participating in the project and all the Muziekpublique team are very proud to present ’Amerli - Refugees for Refugees’.

The CD release concert on Friday May 13th is already sold out but it is far from too late to get this collection of world music performed by refugee musicians living in Belgium. This album aims at highlighting the virtuosos who took part in it, but also at supporting artistic activities with other refugees in Belgium. With this mind, a part of the benefits from the CD sale will go to Globe Aroma and Synergie 14 to support their activities.

You can buy REFUGEES FOR REFUGEES (from May 13th) :

- By postal delivery, after making a bank transfer of 17€ on the bank account BE22 7350 0490 4447. Specify ’name artists, name cd’ and address’. for bank transfers from Europe : 19 € on : IBAN : BE22 7350 0490 4447 BIC : KREDBEBB for bank transfers from outside Europe : send an e-mail to to get more information.
- in good record shops in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Ireland (distribution by Discovery Records) and in France or via the main online distributors.
- At Muziekpublique from Tuesday to Friday between 10.30-13h and 15-18h, or in the evening during our concerts, for 15€.
- On iTunes,...
- You can listen to the album on Deezer, Spotify...

You can also follow the project on facebook : like the facebook page.

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