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Free introduction classes + video

The online World Music Academy

You want to learn if the clases offered in the Muziekpublique World and Dance Academy suit you. Then, you should definitely come to this week of introduction classes. It’s the ideal way to meet the teachers, try an instrument or do some dance steps and find out on which moment you fit in the time schedule. We advice you to visit the webpage of the classes to find out about the adress and timetable.

We are very proud to announce some new classes and highly talented new teachers, such as :

- Tango ensemble with Ananta Roosens
- Theory of Oriental music with Elias Bachoura
- Qanûn with Souhad Najem
- East - West Ensemble with Wouter Vandenabeele & Elias Bachoura
- Ensemble Turkish folk and art music, Tristan Driessens & Emre Gültekin
- Tango Violin, with Ananta Roosens
- Folk Ball Ensemble Rebecca Van Bogaert & Jonas Malfliet
- Bandoneónwith Gerardo Agnese
- Bendir & Riqq/Tar (framedrums) with Simon Leleux
- Gaita (Galician bagpipes) with Raphaël De Cock
- Galician singing with Xavier Sánchez

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us

World Music Academy Online

Many musicians have the strong desire to learn some of the instruments offered but do no have the chance to live in Brussels and enjoy balafon, bouzouki, saz, qânun, etc. classes. In future Muziekpublique will try to launch a new project of distance learning videos. In the coming months, we will publish some on YouTube channel and on our website a few tutorial videos !

Our first online course is offered by our teacher chromatic accordion Balkan, Aurel Budisteanu.

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