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Friday 04 May 2012

A Song a Day: Baptiste Argouarc’h (self-built 5-string violin)


Self-taught vioinist Baptiste Argouarc’h spent only 5 years attending music classes and later studied instrument-making. He went on to build his 5-string violin himself.
This musician, who is also a volunteer and visitor at Muziekpublique, has been influenced by Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes, Frank Zappa, Karim Zyad and all the musicians whom he has come to know in Belgium, “including many thanks to Muziekpublique”. On this occasion he plays two themes that played a determining part in his musical life. “Carranroe” is a jig that Martin Hayes plays on his disc “Live In Seattle”, while “Extreel” is one of Baptistes youthful compositions from when he was an 18 year-old apprentice luthier in the French Vosges.

- Image: Rafael Serenellini, Justine vande Walle, Zeno Graton
- Sound : Cédric Plisnier, Arthur Benedetti
- Production : Jacoba Kint, Morgane Mathieu
- Technical coordination: Mathieu Alexandre
- English Translation : Richard Condon

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