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10 years Muziekpublique

Video from 13/03/2012

A Song a day

A world tour in music and images

From March 19, every working day, a video of a musician will be posted on our website and partner sites. To do this, (...)

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Video from 28/09/2012

A Song a Day: Amparo y José Cortes

Tardes Grises

Amparo is a true flamenco with a duende and stage presence that captivates every audience. She puts the word of her own (...)

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Video from 27/09/2012

A Song a Day: Vincent Ansaldi


Vincent Ansaldi has been playing the accordion since the age of 9 and has specialized himself in French Folk music. He (...)

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Video from 26/09/2012

A Song a Day: Ras Madi


Born in Ivory Coast and raised in Burkina Faso, Ras Madi is the incarnation of both cultures. It is then not surprising (...)

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Video from 25/09/2012

A Song a Day : Cumali Bulduk

Kağızmana Ismarladım

Singer and saz-player Cumali Bulduk is unquestionably one of the most active musicians on Brussels’ world music scene. (...)

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Video from 24/09/2012

A Song a Day: Tomassenko (Olivier Thomas)

L’ennui blanc

Tomassenko (Olivier Thomas) sings a solo-version of his composition ’L’ennui blanc’ (white boredom) which will figure in a (...)

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Video from 21/09/2012

A Song a Day: Nisia (Vincent Noiret & Emanuela Lodato)

La Virrinedda

Two voices, a double-bass and percussions. The meeting of these different instruments gives life to a project which (...)

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Video from 20/09/2012

A Song a Day: Michael Horgan

Roisin Dubh - Jolly Miller - Floating Crowbar

Michael Horgan is known as a member of Irish folk band Shantalla. He plays 3 traditional Irish tunes "Roisin Dubh", (...)

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Video from 19/09/2012

A Song a Day: Dahlia Mees

Kiz Çocugu

After having studied classical music for a long time, Dahlia Mees decided to focus more on improvisation, musical (...)

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Video from 18/09/2012

A Song a Day: Tanar Catalpinar


Tanar Çatalpinar is a modern troubadour who derives his inspiration from the traditional music of the most remote corners (...)

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Video from 18/09/2012

A Song a Day : Michel Massot (tuba)

Yalknavalse mobile - XX

Michel Massot (tuba, trombone) is particularly active in the Belgian Jazzscene. His musical skills and enthousiasm make (...)

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Video from 18/09/2012

A Song a Day: Lütfü & Emre Gültekin

Bir nefesçik söyliyeyim

Lutfu Gültekin is a Turkish songwriter especially known for his social commitment that reflects through his own lyrics. (...)

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Video from 14/09/2012

A Song a Day: Rey Cabrera (guitar, vocals)

Muerto en Vida

There are lots of reasons for Muziekpublique and Rey Cabrera to celebrate a tenth birthday together: not only did Rey (...)

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Video from 11/09/2012

A Song a Day: Jowan Merckx (bagpipe)


Jowan Merckx’s career as a player of wind instruments began at the age of 8 when he played bugle in his village’s brass (...)

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Video from 10/09/2012

A Song a Day: Neboa

Cantar de sega

The Belgian group Néboa revives magnificent traditional Galician songs. The tradition in Galicia (Nord-West Spain) is (...)

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Video from 07/09/2012

A Song a Day : Yahya Mojtaba (setar)

Mahour - Morghe Sahar

Yahya (of the group Parsian) plays tar and setar, 2 Iranian instruments which are not common in our flat country. Yahya (...)

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Video from 06/09/2012

A Song a Day | Alain Everts (gitaar) & Patricia Van Cauwenberge (percussie)

Todo se Acaba

Patricia Van Cauwenberge en Alain Everts werken sinds kort samen aan een nieuw project. Hier interpreteren ze Todo se (...)

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Video from 05/09/2012

A Song a Day: Aurélie Dorzée (viool, zang)


Aurélie Dorzée neemt ons op L’Affabuleuse uit haar solo-cd Horror Vacui (Homerecords) mee op een avontuurlijke (...)

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Video from 03/09/2012

A Song a Day: Gjovalin Nonaj (zang)

Kange maje krahu

De Albanese muzikant Gjovalin Nonaj is een vaste waarde binnen de Brusselse muziekwereld. Hij speelt ondermeer bij (...)

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Queimada: Trio 14 (BE), Bargainatt (FR), A Contrabanda

Folk ball

This folk ball will revolve around the sounds of the fiddle. With Bargainatt we are delighted to bring one of the finest young dance groups from France to our country and the equally young (...)

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Belem & The MeKanics

New creation by Didier Laloy & Walter Hus

Didier Laloy is back with his newest creation and a new album: Belem & The MeKanics. He reinvents the world of Belem (his famed duo with cellist Kathy Adam) in collaboration with the creative (...)

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Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa (Italy/Albania) The World Music Chain #2: Asad Qizilbash (Pakistan) & surprise guest

CD-release ‘Novilunio’

When the Italian singer Maria Mazzotta and the Albanian Redi Hasa came to Muziekpublique to present their first album, the almost perfect dialogue between voice and cello made a lasting (...)

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