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10 years Muziekpublique

Video from 13/03/2012

A Song a day

A world tour in music and images

From March 19, every working day, a video of a musician will be posted on our website and partner sites. To do this, (...)

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Video from 29/06/2012

A Song A Day | Malick Pathé Sow & Bao Sissoko


Over the past few years Senegalese hoddu master Malick Pathé Sow & kora player Bao Sissoko met each other in various (...)

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Video from 28/06/2012

A Song a Day | Tristan Driessens & Tcha Limberger

7 ’de 7

Tristan Driessens was born in 1982 and began his musical career in Brussels, studying the ‘ûdwith the Arabic musicians. (...)

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Video from 27/06/2012

A Song a Day | Claudio Benito


Known as a member of the world music project Acha with the Turkish musicians Tanar Catalpinar and Nahim Avci, Claudio (...)

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Video from 26/06/2012

A Song a Day: Made Agus Wardana (gamelan) & Ni Wayan Yuadiani (danse)

Trunajaya Dance

Made Agus Wardana was Born in denpasar-Bali in 1971. At the age of 5, his brothers, sisters and parent taught him to (...)

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Video from 25/06/2012

A Song a Day: Marimbao (marimba)

O Trenzinho do Caipira

Osvaldo Hernandez and Juan Carlos Bonifaz play as a marimba duet ‘O Trenzinho do Caipira’, composed by Heitor Villa-Lobos (...)

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Video from 22/06/2012

A Song a Day: Zsuzsa Hajdu - Alain Brolio - Nicolas Hauzeur

Szeretőm e táncba – Dedoj - Klopocelka

Zsuzsanna Hajdu is a Hungarian singer who has been passionate for years about the music of the Hungarian minorities in (...)

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Video from 21/06/2012

A Song a Day: Tom Cohen & Benjamin Clement


Tom Cohen, is head conductor of The Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra (Ashkelon), The Andalus orchestra (Montreal) and (...)

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Video from 20/06/2012

A Song a Day: François Kency & Francis Perez


Kèncy has the physique of champion fighter, with broad shoulders, swift moves, and electric energy. The stage is his (...)

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Video from 19/06/2012

A Song a Day: Talike Gelle (vocals and percussion)


Talike Gellé is a female singer-songwriter, storyteller, dancer and percussionist from Ifotake, in the south of (...)

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Video from 18/06/2012

A Song a Day: Elias Bachoura (oud)

Improvisation Qadmoyo – Bi Noukhrayto – Marr li Saro

The Belgo-Syrian composer and oudist Elias Bachoura studied oud at the Damascus Conservatoire in the land of his birth, (...)

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Video from 15/06/2012

A Song a Day: Anne Niepold (diatonic accordion)


Anyone who sees accordionist Anne Niepold at work with the Knopf Quartet, Deux Accords Diront or La Rosa Enflorese knows (...)

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Video from 14/06/2012

A Song a Day: Juan Masondo (guitar and vocals)

La Mayor

Juan Masondo is a traditional-music legend in Belgium. In the ‘70s he started playing with Dirk Van Esbroeck who sadly (...)

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Video from 13/06/2012

Raphaël De Cock (throat singing)

Improvisations on Tuvan throat singing

Raphaël De Cock unveils here a series of techniques typical of throat and overtone singing from Tuva, a region in (...)

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Video from 12/06/2012

A Song a Day: Mohammad Hossain Doai, “Babak” (santur)

Daramad Dashti

De Iraanse muzikant Mohammad Hossain Doai –ook wel bekend als Babak- speelt santur. De santur is een snaarinstrument uit (...)

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Video from 11/06/2012

A Song a Day: Mady Kouyaté 
Stéphan Francis (balafon)


Nanken Mady is descended from the Konkoba of Siguiri in Guinea, which lies at the heart of the Mandinka Empire. Like (...)

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Video from 08/06/2012

A Song a Day: Neboa

Pandeirada / Jota de San Isidro

Magnificent traditional Galician songs are undergoing a revival in Belgium thanks to Néboa. The tradition in Galicia (...)

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Video from 07/06/2012

A Song a Day: Silvia Abalos (rawhide drum and vocals)

A Donde Van

Silvia Abalos has been singing since she was fourteen. Equally at home with folk and pop music, she masters an (...)

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Video from 06/06/2012

A Song a Day: Tom Theuns (gitaar en zang)

Freight Train

Tom Theuns made his debut on the Antwerp rock scene, where he went on to graduate cum laude from the Jazz Studio. He has (...)

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Video from 05/06/2012

A Song a Day: Hamri (guembri en zang)

Que nous reste-t-il ?

Back in 2002 Abdelwahab Hakem, a theatre-mad Algerian, met Philippe Claudel, poetry lover and player of electric bass (...)

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Video from 04/06/2012

A Song a Day: Octave A. Komlan (percussion and vocals) and Koffi Sadjo Hetsu (piano and vocals)


Octave and Koffi have been friends for more than 30 years. They have played together, as much in Togo as in Belgium, for (...)

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Video from 01/06/2012

A Song a Day: Ananta Roosens (violin and castanets) and Joris Vanvinckeroye (double bass)

Al Violín Corneta

Ananta and Joris together form half of the group La sieste du dromadaire. With her "Tangos From a Dromedary Point of (...)

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Belem & The MeKanics

New creation by Didier Laloy & Walter Hus

Didier Laloy is back with his newest creation and a new album: Belem & The MeKanics. He reinvents the world of Belem (his famed duo with cellist Kathy Adam) in collaboration with the creative (...)

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Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa (Italy/Albania) The World Music Chain #2: Asad Qizilbash (Pakistan) & surprise guest

CD-release ‘Novilunio’

When the Italian singer Maria Mazzotta and the Albanian Redi Hasa came to Muziekpublique to present their first album, the almost perfect dialogue between voice and cello made a lasting (...)

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Hamilton De Holanda (Brazil)

Chora Bruxelas Festival

As part of the ‘Chora Bruxelas Festival’, a choro festival which will take place in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th December, we are proud to welcome the great mandolin-player Hamilton De (...)

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