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10 years Muziekpublique

Video from 13/03/2012

A Song a day

A world tour in music and images

From March 19, every working day, a video of a musician will be posted on our website and partner sites. To do this, (...)

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Video from 30/03/2012

A Song a Day: Tuur Florizoone (accordion)

Wa Vinde Gij?

Here with this ingeneous accordion piece is one more bit of evidence that Tuur is a real musical centipede. ‘Wat Vinde (...)

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Video from 29/03/2012

A Song a Day: Patricia Van Cauwenberge (boleadores) and Osvaldo Hernandez (bombo)

Terra Gaucha

Boleadores are basically traditional Argentinian hunting weapons. Made of stones joined together by a leather cord, (...)

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Video from 28/03/2012

A Song a Day: Mamadou Dramé (kora)


Mamadou Dramé is a virtuoso of the Kora, a West African instrument strongly linked to the tradition of the Griot (...)

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Video from 27/03/2012

A Song a Day: Rémi Decker (bagpipes)

Tentation Tant Attendue

Rémi started playing the bagpipes at the age of 10. Carried by tradition as well as modernity, he has created his own (...)

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Video from 26/03/2012

A Song a Day: Pedro Diaz Marin (guitar and vocals) and Anja Naucler (cello and vocals

Marcando La Distancia

The Cuban singer and guitarist Pedro Diaz Marin doesn’t limit himself to influences from his hometown Havana. He draws (...)

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Video from 23/03/2012

A Song A Day: Aurelia feat. Serigne CM GUEYE


Aurélie Dorzée (violin and vocals) and Tom Theuns (guitar and vocals) are modern folk musicians. Together they make up (...)

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Video from 22/03/2012

A Song a Day: Vardan Hovanissian (doudouk)

‘Hovivi Kanch’

Vardan (Armenia) studied at the Romanos Melikian Musical College. He specialized in the doudouk, a wind instrument that (...)

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Video from 21/03/2012

A Song A Day: Hans Mortelmans (guitar and vocals)

‘Alles Is Ambacht’

This very original piece ‘Alles is Ambacht’, which means ‘everything requires tradecraft’, had never really made it out of (...)

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Video from 20/03/2012

A Song A Day: Helena Rüegg (bandoneón)

‘Oifn weig’-‘Florcita’ - ‘Hora’

Helena Ruëgg studied, amongst others, with masters of the bandonéon such as Rodolfo Mederos, Juan José Mosalini or Alfredo (...)

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Video from 19/03/2012

A Song a Day : Dizzy Mandjeku acoustic rumba quartet

‘Bolengo ya la joie’ 

Dizzy Mandjeku (guitar), Nana Akumu (vocals), Baniel Mbambo (vocals) and Malage de Lugendo (vocals and percussion) are (...)

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Belem & The MeKanics

New creation by Didier Laloy & Walter Hus

Didier Laloy is back with his newest creation and a new album: Belem & The MeKanics. He reinvents the world of Belem (his famed duo with cellist Kathy Adam) in collaboration with the creative (...)

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Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa (Italy/Albania) The World Music Chain #2: Asad Qizilbash (Pakistan) & surprise guest

CD-release ‘Novilunio’

When the Italian singer Maria Mazzotta and the Albanian Redi Hasa came to Muziekpublique to present their first album, the almost perfect dialogue between voice and cello made a lasting (...)

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Hamilton De Holanda (Brazil)

Chora Bruxelas Festival

As part of the ‘Chora Bruxelas Festival’, a choro festival which will take place in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th December, we are proud to welcome the great mandolin-player Hamilton De (...)

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