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10 years Muziekpublique

Video from 13/03/2012

A Song a day

A world tour in music and images

From March 19, every working day, a video of a musician will be posted on our website and partner sites. To do this, (...)

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Video from 28/02/2013

Ruprecht Niepold, Marc Vrebos, Catherine Deprez and Johan Kayaert

Mille Ducas

It is accompanied by three of his best former students that Ruprecht Niepold pushed Muziekpublique’s door. For nearly (...)

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Video from 27/02/2013

A Song a Day: Myrddin De Cauter & Robbe Kieckens

Calle Bolsa

Born in the north (Ghent), yet it is well in to the south that the heart of Myrddin belongs (Spain). Raised into a (...)

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Video from 26/02/2013

A Song a Day: Yang Du Tso

Ngayi Phayul Yelsong

Yang Du Tso is native of the Amdo province of Tibet, birthplace of His Holiness the Dalaï Lama and situated close to the (...)

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Video from 25/02/2013

A Song a Day: Bert Leemans

Wals voor Bea

Bert has played the chromatic accordion since the age of 7. He has had lessons at Meerbeke college of music for 10 years (...)

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Video from 22/02/2013

A Song a Day: Nfaly Kouyaté


No need to introduce Nfaly Kouyaté. This storyteller, singer, kora player and founder of NAMUN group, is one of the (...)

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Video from 21/02/2013

A Song a Day: Eva Fernandez Palomo, Ana Palomo et Benoit Kensier

Medley traditionnel

Galician traditional music is being honored today with Eva Fernandez Palomo (vocals), Ana Palomo (vocals) and Benoit (...)

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Video from 20/02/2013

A Song a Day: Rima Lam

Mousso Lou

For this Burkinabe Malian, music is a way to denounce injustices, particularly those affecting women and children. (...)

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Video from 19/02/2013

A Song a Day: Raphaëlle Brochet


Wherever she set a foot, Raphael Brochet whose personality is radiant and whose talent is undeniable, leaves an (...)

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Video from 18/02/2013

A Song a Day: Sadig Shiakh Eldin


Sadig was born and raised in 1962 Rigl Elfola - Omdurman (Khartoum) and now teaches ud and tours the world giving (...)

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Video from 08/02/2013

A Song a Day: Manou Gallo

Flûte Ivoire

Manou Gallo’s groove has been part of the Belgian scene for already 14 years. She is an unclassified artist who managed (...)

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Video from 07/02/2013

A Song a Day: Calamalys

A Dieu Ma Dédée

A same love for traditional music Wallonne, a same passion for folk dancing and common roots, here is what brings (...)

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Video from 06/02/2013

A Song a Day: Kahn Brothers

Baje che,Digipuri Ka Raja

Like Muziekpublique, Khan Brothers Group was born 10 years ago. It has already been a decade that music and dance come (...)

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Video from 05/02/2013

A Song a Day: Timur Magomedgadzhiev


Before he ever considered singing, Timur was exercising his creative talents in theater. It’s been now 7 years that he (...)

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Video from 04/02/2013

A Song a Day: Balacordes Duo

Daar is de Winter

The group Balacordes started out playing at folk dances, but their music will certainly reach a wider audience. The (...)

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Video from 01/02/2013

A Song a Day: Souhad Najm


Little known by the Western audiences, the qanun is one of the main musical instruments of the eastern countries. As for (...)

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Belem & The MeKanics

New creation by Didier Laloy & Walter Hus

Didier Laloy is back with his newest creation and a new album: Belem & The MeKanics. He reinvents the world of Belem (his famed duo with cellist Kathy Adam) in collaboration with the creative (...)

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Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa (Italy/Albania) The World Music Chain #2: Asad Qizilbash (Pakistan) & surprise guest

CD-release ‘Novilunio’

When the Italian singer Maria Mazzotta and the Albanian Redi Hasa came to Muziekpublique to present their first album, the almost perfect dialogue between voice and cello made a lasting (...)

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Hamilton De Holanda (Brazil)

Chora Bruxelas Festival

As part of the ‘Chora Bruxelas Festival’, a choro festival which will take place in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th December, we are proud to welcome the great mandolin-player Hamilton De (...)

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