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10 years Muziekpublique

lundi 04 juin 2012

A Song a Day : Octave A. Komlan (percussion and vocals) and Koffi Sadjo Hetsu (piano and vocals)


Octave and Koffi have been friends for more than 30 years. They have played together, as much in Togo as in Belgium, for many different groups and line-ups (opening, for example, for the Togolese star Yaya Leley). Octave also plays with artists such as Malick Pathé Sow, Renaud Patigny and Fatoum, while Koffi is a steady favourite in the group Afro Yambi Jazz.

In a very natural way, Octave and Koffi ask for protection from above. The first song is dedicated to their protector Somadza, the Togalese name for a deity worshipped all along the West Coast of Africa. In the second song, the artists ask for shelter beneath the kind of tree that can stay dry in the rain. With the help of this beautiful metaphor for protection from evil, the musicians celebrate Muziekpublique’s anniversary.

- Image  : Rafael Serenellini, Justine vande Walle, Margot Locatelli
- Sound  : Cédric Plisnier, Arthur Benedetti
- Production  : Jacoba Kint, Morgane Mathieu
- Technical coordination : Mathieu Alexandre
- Translation : Owen Thomas McEldowney

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