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mardi 23 octobre 2012

A Song a Day : Nabindibo


Founded in Brussels during the nineties, Nabindibo still manages to inspire and entertain the public with their polyphonic singing that originate from the Haut-Uélé district (Democratic Republic of Congo) Bernadette Aningi, mother of Anita and Marie Daulne (Zap Mama) started the choir and has never stopped to inspire herself by the traditional African music styles that talk about birth, marriage and dead. In this video Bernadette is accompanied by Anita, Baniel, Meta-Kabeya and Bawayi. Nabindibo sings about universal matters of life we can all relate to. At our theatre they decide to sing a song called “Lili”, which stand for the name of a grandmother that was given to her grandchild. In the song they thank the child for passing on the name.

- Image : Rafael Serenellini, Margot Locatelli
- Sound : Raphael Terlinden
- Production : Sarah-Jane Huysentruyt, Victoire Karrera
- Technical coordination : Mathieu Alexandre

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