10 years Muziekpublique

Tuesday 24 April 2012

A Song a Day: Luc Pilartz (fiddle) and Arnaud Degimbe (bagpipes)

Les frères amoureux-Visa-Foliada

Luc and Arnaud have been playing together for years and have even brought out a CD that well describes their collaboration: ’Le sac et la corde’ (Bag and Strings). They are both self-taught and have found their way from their own room, via a variety of musical appearances ,to the stage of (among others) Muziekpublique. The duo combines various styles of European music, from France (Auvergne, Limousin), Italy (Lombardy), Spain (Galicia), Sweden (Värmland), Belgium, Greece, Hungary and even Quebec. On this occasion they play ’Les Frères amoureux’, originating from the Auvergne, followed by a Swedish ’Visa’ and finally a ’Foliada’ from Galicia.

- Image : Rafael Serenellini, Justine vande Walle, Margot Locatelli
- Sound : Cédric Plisnier, Kobe Goudeseune
- Production : Jacoba Kint, Bee Hugyecz
- Technical coordination: Mathieu Alexandre
- Translation: Richard Condon

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