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vendredi 18 janvier 2013

A Song a Day : Bai Kamara Jr.

I Can No Longer Place My Faith In Your Hands

It is very shyly that Bai Kamara Jr. made his first steps into music. At the age of 17 years, he offers himself a guitar. However, for this diplomat’s son and former college student in both Manchester and the University of Maryland in Brussels, musician is not a job. At least, that’s what he thought at first. In fact, his talent would very soon, catch him up. A talent that everyone sees in him but that he would take time to realize, himself and thus, to exploit. However once the “Kamara machine” was launched, it made a clean swept of all the different aspects of music : Writing, composition, production etc. Indeed, over the years, Bai became a complete artist who made his music lives through various group projects. Recently, the rumor said that one of these groups, Aramak Iab, would be on the brink of reforming itself. According to Bai, blues fan should be expecting a new album of the band, soon. Meanwhile, Bai sings for us, one of his compositions. A song called "I Can No Longer Place My Faith In Your Hands”, from the album "Disposable Society", that denounces the abuse of trust of many political leaders.

- Image : Benoit Matthys, Coralie de Nobrega dos Santos, Paul Kamisy Bin Massumbo
- Editing : Coralie de Nobrega dos Santos
- Sound : Cédric Plisnier, Léonard Leboucher
- Production : Victoire Karera, Sarah-Jane Huysentruyt
- Text and translations : Sarah-Jane Huysentruyt, Victoire Karera
- Technical Coordiniation : Mathieu Alexandre

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