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Voice & Rhythm

Vincent Noiret
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The foundations of music are rhythm, harmony and, of course, melody. In this workshop we invite you to discover, through a repertoire drawn from various traditions, how, in a highly intuitive way, one may develop and use these elements, which are naturally present in each of us and all around us. It’s the body that was the first instrument to be played and it’s the voice which would be the means of expressing it. You will be able to feel how sounds and melodies set this body vibrating and you will discover a simple way of “getting inside” the rhythms that are so typical of most traditional cultures.

The course

As regards content, it will be divided in three main parts:

1. Rhythm: Inspired by the techniques of Solkattu (rhythmic language found in the traditions of southern India), the exercises involve polyrhythms using the feet and hands (indeed the whole body) and the voice to layer the various rhythmic sequences and assimilate them as deeply as possible.

2. Harmony: Here it’s a matter of developing perception and awareness of sound through a series of exercises and improvisations by which one will be enabled to hear how the sounds produced by the human voice resound and mingle to create harmonious or dissonant vibrations.

3. Singing: The basic repertoire takes in songs from different traditions whose rhythmic or harmonic qualities may be found particularly interesting. This repertoire will be further enriched by any ideas that the participants themselves may contribute.

Vincent Noiret

Vincent Noiret started his career as a bassist and singer. His career would bring him into contact with numerous musical genres: jazz, chanson française, classical music, but it’s more particularly in what’s commonly called world music that he would go on to make his reputation. He has accompanied artistes as varied as Photis Ionnatos (Greece), Ialma (Galicia), Luc Pilartz and Nicolas Hauzeur (music of Wallonia, the Balkans and Sweden), Ghalia Benali (Tunisia) and numerous others. With Tuur Florizoone and Philippe Laloy, he went on to create the group Tricycle, which toured all over Belgium, and abroad too (Brazil, Canada, China, Vietnam...) Fo the last few years he has been developing a more personal project with Emanuela Lodato (Nisia) inspired by the music of southern Italy. It’s by means of this repertoire that he will explore in greater depth frame-based percussion instruments (tamburello, tammore, bendir...)

Target audience?

The course can serve as basic musical training for people who already play an instrument but is also aimed at those who would like to make their first acquaintance with music through singing and rhythm.


On Thursday from 19:00 till 20:30

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You are welcome to come and find out more about this course during the free “getting acquainted” session on Thursday 21 September (19h-20h30).

ATTENTION! The first class (after the trial class) will take place on Thursday 5 October 2017. Thursday 28 September there will be NO class.


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Conditions and terms of payment

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