Sevillanas (dance)


Sevillanas (dance)

Coral Vados
© Marc Gysens

“Las Sevillanas” is a folk dance from Andalusia influenced by flamenco. They are made up of 4 parts and are danced in couples or groups. They are danced mostly at parties or folk balls.

Coral Vados

Trained in ballet as of 8 years old, Coral Vados had her first flamenco lessons with La Torre Montijo, Manolo Montes et Emilio Salazar,… Very young, she left Brussels for Madrid where she studied and started her international career as a « Bailaora » for a number of artists of international renown such as La Chana, Nano de Jerez, Carmen Linares, Paco Cortes, Mariquilla, Lola Greco, El Cigala, Vicente Soto Sordera, El Moro, Talegon, El Sorderita, Eva Duran, La Yerbabuena, Beatriz Martín, Cristobal Reyes, Adrián Galia, Belén Maya,… She also has starred on a number of international television channels such as RAI, TVE, RTBF, BRT, Televisa (MEX) and Galavision (MEX), added to recordings for various discs (castanets, palmas (handclaps, andjaleos) notably for Universal Studio (USA) andHispavox (ES).


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Payment and conditions

Calendar 2017-18

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If required, the teacher can make changes to the calendar, with the agreement ofthe students.


This course takes place on Mondays from 18h15 to 19h15 in the Salle Lafontaine of the Maison de la Solidarité (Rue du Viaduc 133, 1050 Ixelles)

Come along to a free trial lesson on Monday 18 September 2017 (18h15 to 19h15) to meet the tutor and check out whether this cours is definitely for you.

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