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Galician percussion: pandeireta & conchas

Karen De Pooter
© Muziekpublique - Morgane Mathieu

If you have ever had the chance to see a group of Galician chants, like Ialma or Leilía, you may have been impressed by the dynamic way the Galician tambourine (pandereita) is played.

The Galician technique of playing is is distinct from other countries where the tambourine is an important instrument, (like Italy, Brazil, or other Spanish regions). Though the technique may appear to be easy, it requires quite a bit of practice... Once you will achieve a certain mastery of the instrument, many opportunities will open up: You can accompany gaita or Galician chants, but you can perfectly join an Italian Tarantella or an Irish Jig.

The course


You will learn the most important rhythms of Galician music (muiñeira, jota, pasodoble, rumba). In a second cycle, we will work on speed and variation and you will learn some arrangements. During this cycle we will start playing together with the students of gaita.

Some of the classes of pandeireta and tambor will be given together, so the students will get used to playing together.


The emphasis will be on the repertoire of A Contrabanda and on playing together. We learn several arrangements en practise together with the pupils of the other Galician courses and with A Contrabanda.

The lessons will take place 3 times a month. It is possible to combine this course with ’Galician singing’ by Xavier Sanchez one thursday a month.

The teacher

Karen De Pooter has been fascinated by Galician music for years. She plays in the band A Contrabanda. She took classes of pandereita with Veronica Codesal (Ialma), Miguel Anxo Lopez (Pepe Vaamonde Grupo), Xurxo Fernandez and Quiqué Péon (Radio Cos).


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Betalingsmodaliteiten en voorwaarden


Monthly on Thursdays (3 times a month).

- Beginners: 18u-19u
- Advenced: 19u-20u

Come along to a free trial lesson on Thursday 21 September 2017 (6pm - 8pm) to meet the tutor and check out whether this cours is definitely for you.


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MABO, Maria-Boodschaplyceum, Moutstraat 22, 1000 Brussel

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