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Osman Martins
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The course

The stylistic focus during these guitar classes will be on popular Brazilian music as well as on other musical styles that Osman is familiar with. (such as reggae, blues, afoxé,..) These different styles will be explored through th use of two instruments. The cavaquinho (small guitar, also known as a “Brazilian Ukelele”) and on the acoustic guitar, Brazilian style. There is no specific knowledge of music theory necessary, although it may come in handy. If you do not have a cavaquinho at your disposal, feel free to contact the teacher. Or if you have an ukulele, you can always tune it as a cavaquinho.

Our teacher

Born in Bahia (Brasil) at the beginning of the sixties Osman Martins moved to Sao Paolo and became involved with music at a young age. When he turned 10 years old he got a “cavaquinho”(snare instrument of Portuguese origin) as a gift and has never put it down ever since. He got the opportunity to learn from the famous Maestro Robinson Miguel and became inspired by the guitar when he heard Irio de Paula play (ex-guitarist Elze Soares) He decides to fully concentrate himself on mastering his guitar skills on melodic and harmonious level that will give an extra dimension to the cavaquinho, which remains his main instrument. After a while he decides to take on another challenge and Martins begins to train his voice. Having followed several vocal trainings he developed himself into the artist as we currently know him : one of Belgian’s finest Brazilian musicians. Besides teaching Osman Martins is a part of several music projects such as Parceria and Samba de Candeia.

Calendar & price

Weekly, on Wednesdays, from 17:30 to 20:00 at Maria-Boodschaplyceum (Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles). These are individual lessons of half an hour.

Come along to a free trial lesson on Wednesday 20 September 2017 between 18h and 21h to meet the tutor and check out whether this course is definitely for you.

Students enrolled in this course, who have a good level, can participate in the ’choro & samba’ ensemble, which takes place from 20h to 21h30.

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