Serigne Thiam
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The calabash is a highly recommended instrument, not only for those who are taking their first steps into the world of percussion but also for already well trained percussionists or drummers who want to discover a new percussion instrument. The calabash is a low cost instrument and can easily be ordered. Our teacher Serigne Thiam will put a couple of Calabashes at the students ‘disposal.

The course will make the students familiar with an at first sight rather simple instrument. The great amount of technique and the endless number of sounds and rhythms that can be produced while playing the calabash will be demonstrated and practiced. There will also be several occasions on which the students will be able to play with students studying other West-African instruments at Muziekpublique.

The teacher

The Muziekpublique Calabash courses will be given by the Senegalese drummer and percussionist Serigne Thiam. In his home country he has worked with artists such as Thione Seck. Since his arrival in Belgium he is musically active with for example Mamadou Dramé, Bao Sissoko and Malick Pathé Sow. He is currently working on a project with Osvaldo Hernandez and Yanni Aït Aoudia concerning the relation between African and Latin-American music.


Tuesdays, from 19h to 20h: Collective class There will be time for individual attention to students before and after the class.


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Come along to a free trial lesson on Tuesday 19 September 2017 (from 6pm to 9pm) to meet the tutor and check out whether this cours is definitely for you.

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