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Patricia Hernandez
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The boleadores was originally an important tool for hunting within the native tribes of South America (especially in Argentina and Uruguay). Since the 1960s, the boleadores are an important element in the folklore. About 70 years ago, an Argentinian dancer, "El Chucaro" Ayala Santiago, had the idea of integrating the Boleadoras as a percussion instrument with a traditional dance of Argentina, Malamabo. Boleadoras consists of two cords with two (nylon) spheres. At the same time, dancing is made as music is made.

The theacher

Patricia Hernandez has learned her bombo and boleadores skills in different parts of the world : Belgium, Argentina and Canada. She participated in European tours with ‘Cirque du Troittoir’ and integrated a ‘boleadoras song’ in Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco. She has a couple of her own projects as well such as ‘Amalgama’ and ‘Sin Fronteras’( with Cie Zacatan) During the course she will be teaching the technique of the bombo (traditional rhythms of Malambo), the combination with particular dance moves and de boleadoras technique.


Weekly, on Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 20:00 at Maria-Boodschaplyceum (Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles).

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Come along to a free trial lesson on Wednesday 20 September 2017 (7pm-8pm)to meet the tutors and check out whether this ensemble is definitely for you.


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