Argentine Tango (dance)

Dante & Monica Dominguez
© Marc Gysens

The course

This course offers Argentine tango in its purest traditional form, with a strong emphasis on dancing together as a couple. The aim of the course is to provide the tools to understand and analyze movement; to learn the essential technical moves that define this improvisational dance (caminata, ochos, sacadas,giros, leading and being led). This exploration and analysis will be through exercises and clear and simple assessment: mechanics of movement, how and why one should feel one’s partner.

Dante & Monica Dominguez

This charismatic couple that lives between Brussels and Buenos Aires, continuously seeks artistic challenges and new symbioses. The duo that radiates elegance, sensuality and expression, often contributes to theatrical creations.

As dancers and choreographers they have gained public acclaim for their style and interpretations, The extraordinary communication that unites them both on stage and in their daily lives is a reflection of the passion and intimacy that characterize the tango. When teaching, they try to help students experience the essence of tango through feeling. The ability to listen to one’s partner, guided by the music, forms the foundation of their teaching. In tango the dance moves are very important and necessary, but emotions, dialogue and creativity are the essence.

Info and enrolment:, 00 32 (0) 485/68 24 26

The full programme of 8 sessions costs 90€, though you can also pay (14 €) per session.

*** Come to the free introductory class on September 27th ***


This course takes place on Tuesdays in Théâtre Molière.

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Come along to a free trial lesson on Tuesday 19 September 2017 to meet the tutors and check out whether this dance is definitely for you.


18:30 - 19:45: Beginners

19:45 - 21:00: Intermediate / Advanced

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