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Sunday 15 April 2012

Living Room Music Festival 2012

The Living Room Music Festival is an initiative that turns the cliché of the individualist society on its head. Once a year for over ten years now, generous Brussels residents have been opening up their living rooms to the public and to performing world and folk musicians for an afternoon of intimate acoustic concerts. Living Room Music takes over eight different apartments, each host to one music group or artist. Every concert lasts 30 minutes and is repeated three times so that, in the course of the afternoon, you can see three different concerts in three different locations. Be daring in your choice of concerts - this is a great opportunity to explore exciting new worlds, to seek out new musical civilisations and to boldly go into unfamiliar territory. Take advantage of a very special opportunity!

With the help from the municipality of Ixelles, namely Willy Decourty, Pascal Dufour and the administration team. Also thanks to the flemish community commission, the flemish community, the Brussels-Wallonie Federation and the city of Brussels.

Price: Pass 3 concerts members: 10€ / Pass 3 concerts non-members: 12€

How can you book your ticket? Choose 3 concerts at 3 different time schedules in the list below. Fill in your information, choose how many pass-tickets you want and validate. Your tickets will be booked and you’ll receive an email with the payment information. You must pay for your tickets to confirm your reservation. The unpaid booked tickets will be placed on sale again on the day of the festival.

  • 1. Amparo Cortes (voice) & José Cortés (guitar)

    Amparo Cortés, daughter of flamenco dancer and singer Gitanillo de Marchena, was immersed from the tenderest age in the flamenco gypsy culture of Seville. Her paternal uncle was the famous guitarist Melchor Marchena, still recognised as one of the largest and most influential tocaores. Not just an authentic flamenco singer with great feeling (duende) and a captivating stage presence that can charm any audience, Amparo is also a poet, producing work on an almost daily basis, and this is reflected in her cantes. Her poems are strongly autobiographical, emotional, vulnerable and often very beautiful, couched in the language of a poetic oral tradition which displays her extraordinary proficiency in the Sevillian dialect.

    If you take the lift up to the second floor at number 210 on rue du Trône/Troonstraat , you arrive right in front of the apartment shared by Daan and his three flatmates. They live in a multilingual environment that is so spacious that they could not resist the temptation to share their living room with you for the space of a concert.

    Daan Ory Rue du Trône n°210 -1050 Ixelles
  • 2. Hamri: Abdelwahab Hakem (voice), Philippe Claudel (guembri)

    An encounter with the poet Taha Adnan prompted Algerian singer Abdel Wahab Hakem and French guembri player Philippe Claudel to set his poems to music. They chose the name ’Hamri’ (’red earth’ in Arabic) for this duo in which the austere accompaniment of the guembri (Berber lute) allows Taha Adnan’s poetic words, interpreted brilliantly by Hakem, to take the foreground and resonate fully.

    Lucie, originally from France, lives alone in this charming flat but, with her enthusiasm for new knowledge and new experiences, never has a moment to herself. Between her many passionate interests and her work in the renewable energy sector she is always on the move. In spite of everything, she has nonetheless managed to set her Sunday afternoon aside in order to be able to welcome you to her living room.

    Lucie Tesnière Rue Sans Souci n°55 - 1050 Ixelles
  • 3. Helena Ruegg (bandoneon)

    Helena Ruegg’s music is a very personal mix of tango, Yiddish music and jazz. Argentinean tango and the bandoneon maestri Alfredo Marcucci, Juan Jose and Rodolfo Mederos Mosalini were profound formative influences. More recently, travels to Israel and Palestine increased her interest in Yiddish culture, language and music. Although later this year Enja will be bringing out a CD of Ruegg in trio with Quique Sinesi and Michel Godard, this concert showcases her talents as a virtuoso soloist.

    When Laurence bought her house 10 years ago, she was advised to change the lock on the front door as the house had formerly been owned by Roger Noël, a notorious anarchist, and any number of his supporters had keys to the door. Well, the house has remained open to strangers and to musicians. You will be welcomed into a living room featuring furniture from Mongolia and masks from all four corners of the world.

    Laurence Honoré Rue Van Aa n°79 - 1050 Ixelles
  • 4. Zongora Quartet

    Since bringing out their wonderful CD ’Doverie’, Balkan music group ’Zongora’ (Nicolas Hauzeur on violin, Mladen Mladenov on clarinet and Benjamin Clement on guitar) have added Greek accordionist Dimos Vougioukas to their ranks. The quartet specialises in the exuberant music that spans the frontier between Mediterranean and Balkan cultures.

    This shared residence has already provided a venue for several films to be shot, a workshop for photographers to develop their pictures, and the living room has accommodated a previous edition of the Living Room Festival. To our great delight – and for the assured delectation of our concert-goers – the housemates, both old and new, have opted once again this year to take the plunge.

    Adélaïde Cesbron & cie Rue Van Aa n°9 -1050 Ixelles
  • 5. Mamadou Dramé (kora), Serigne Thiam (calebasse)

    Mamadou Dramé is a virtuoso of the traditional West African instrument, the chromatic cora. A Dakar Conservatory graduate, he sometimes accompanies himself on vocals, too. His is a new face on the Belgian world music scene. He is accompanied by fellow national Serigne Thiam on the calabash who earned his reputation sometime ago and has played with Thione Seck and Malick Pathe Sow, to name a few. We are honored to have this duo share their music and universe with us.

    This house is in no way typical of Ixelles. Metal beams in the ceiling and a living room the whole length of the house with a swing in it, make the point. Sam and Camille are both architects and have organised the raw space which formerly belonged to a painter, into a wonderful, light-filled family home for themselves and their two children.

    Camille Bredael Rue Sans Souci n°134 -1050 Ixelles
  • 6. Pucho Diaz (voice), Anja Naucler (cello) & Octave Komlan (percussions)

    The Cuban singer/guitarist Pucho Diaz enriches his music with influences from his native Havana and from in fact the whole world: songs and rhythms from Africa, Arabic music and Spanish traditions. His intelligent words and his harmonies are often supported by serious groove and even necessary intimacy. Pucho is accompanied by cellist Anja Naucler (Manou Gallo, Ghalia Benali and Triode) and by Octave Komlan (Malick Pathe Sow, Kel Assouf).

    A 10 square-metre couch is the major piece of their communal living room and the federal element of the six residents, plus their friends, in this shared home. Do not hesitate to ask more about Michèle, their panther, or Monsieur Cheval, or the wall of shame or about their precious collection. They will be only too happy to explain why and how.

    Theo Boermans & cie Rue de la Cité n°7 -1050 Ixelles
  • 7. Nisia: Emanuela Lodato & Vincent Noiret

    Two voices, a double-bass and percussions. The meeting of these different instruments gives life to a project which invites us to explore different states of our human condition and our deepest essential emotions. Lullabys, serenades, sailor songs and other music inspired by European traditions are enriched with personal arrangements and compositions.

    Benoît, Virginie and Florence live together in this flat of 1001 surpises and hidden corners: a built-in safe in a wall, a red papier maché plane, Rudoph the kite ; a stuffed rat, an old sausage carrier, a rustic kitchen, an unusual staircase, a stained-glass window from 1800, a tiny reading corner and a lamp which was decorated during a boozy evening. Lots of irresistible details put together by their landlord and themselves since they moved in...

    Benoît, Virginie et Florence Rue Van Volsem n°62 -1050 Ixelles
  • 8. Vardan Hovanissian (Doudouk), Karen Asatryan (Doudouk), Andranik Vardanian (Doudouk)

    No instrument can better reflect the sound of the soul than the Armenian doudouk. It is one of the oldest double-handled instruments in the world. Vardan Hovanissian, and his instrument, travels the world as a soloist or with Israelian singer Yasmin Levy or with the Blindnote project. One of his latest projects is this doudouk trio which finally shows off the instrument properly.

    At Simon and Laurence’s (alias Crevard and Laron), not only is the furniture made by their own hands, but also the materials used are all being given second existances. The oak surface in the kitchen came from planks found in rue de Malibran as did the kitchen, the table on wheels and the shelves. The walls are painted using natural elements and every new renovation becomes a possibility to experiment with new techniques. Their flat, like themselves, lives on idealistic breaths which are truly inspiring.

    Simon & Laurence Rue Goffart n°31 -1050 Ixelles

Map of the festival

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