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jeudi 03 octobre 2013 , 20:00 Molière, Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

The Garifuna Collective

Carrying the torch of cultural preservation
© Peter Rakossy

Those who enjoyed the Andy Palacio concert at the Molière theater in 2007 – a few months before he died - are well aware of the beautiful Garifuna culture. The Garifuna (pronounced ga-RI-foo-nah) are descendants of West African slaves who were shipwrecked in 1635 off the coast of what is now the island of St. Vincent and intermarried with local Arawak and Carib people. Garifuna villages arose on the coasts of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize. There are now an estimated 250,000 Garifuna people worldwide, a minority culture under pressure from assimilation and coastal development. Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective’s 2007 album Wátina is one of the most praised world music albums ever released. On the cusp of tremendous fame, Andy passed away suddenly a year after Wátina was released, leaving the world to wonder just how big he could have become. His band has continued where Andy left off, and with Wátina producer Ivan Duran back at the helm, they have produced a new album ’Ayo’ is a soul-stirring collection of songs inspired by their unique Afro-Amerindian cultural heritage. With a lineup that consists of the best musicians in the fertile Garifuna music scene, The Garifuna Collective promises to carry the torch of cultural preservation and promotion passed on by Andy Palacio far into the future.

- Lloyd Augustine : vocals and guitar
- Desere Diego : vocals and percussion
- Horace Flores : vocals and percussion
- Al Ovando : bass
- Joshua Arana : lead Garifuna Drum and backing vocals
- Denmark Flores : Bass Garifuna Drum and backing vocals
- Sam Harris : lead guitar and vocals

With the support of the Embassy of Belize.

The concert supports The Inspiration Centre, a rehabilition center to provide therapy to children with special needs in Belize.

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