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vendredi 13 octobre 2017 , 20:00 Molière, Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Tamala CD-release (Senegal/Belgium)

Bao Sissoko, Mola Sylla, Wouter Vandenabeele
© Dieter Telemans

Muziekpublique has great pleasure in announcing the release of the 9th album on its own label and you are invited to come and share this event at the very first concert to launch this CD by the band Tamala.

During the first edition of the Hide & Seek festival in 2016, Mola Sylla, Wouter Vandenabeele and Bao Sissoko left a profound impression in the minds of the 200 people present at the Solvay Library. Following this success, the trio crystallized and is now bringing out its first album with Muziekpublique. The new group Tamala ("travellers"), as its name implies, explores the infinite possibilities of a meeting between the instruments and the musical universes of the trio’s members.

Guided by a natural musical alchemy, Tamala’s musicians switch back and forth with ease between tradition and innovation, strength and subtlety, dream and reality, north and south. Over and above their mutual musical understanding, these musicians also share a set of values that they have agreed to defend thanks to their music. They support a school in Senegal, hence their nickname “the ambassadors of Ceppe”.

Mola Sylla sings with a power that stems from the heart. The timbre of his gravelly voice makes him one of the most creative Senegalese singers, as witness his long collaboration with the Dutch celliste Ernst Reijsiger, with whom he composed the soundtrack of Werner Herzog’s film The Blue Yonder. Mola Sylla also plays the xalam (West African lute)), kongoma and kalimba (thumbed pianos), as well as percussion. Bao Sissoko is acknowledged throughout Europe as a talented kora-player. A true master of this West African harp, he has not only played alongside the famous Baaba Maal but is also known for his collaboration with Malick Pathé Sow. The Belgian folk violinist Wouter Vandenabeele can still surprise us with his collaborations, each one more daring than the last. After collaborating with the Syrian oud-player Elias Bachoura and taking part in the world-folk big band Olla Vogala, Wouter is now putting his energy into this trio.

The three musicians had already worked together a few years ago on the albums “The music of Issa Sow” and Mami Kanouté’s “Mousso Lou”, but it’s as a trio that the magic of their music becomes truly apparent. Sincerity and serenity flow from each note, like an invitation to let oneself be carried away at the whim of the melodies. The complicity between the violin, the kora and the singing is intoxicating, the dialogue is sustained, and sheer pleasure in playing shines out at every instant. A pleasure that one can’t help sharing.

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- Mola Sylla : singing, xalam (Senegal-NL)
- Bao Sissoko : kora (Senegal-BE)
- Wouter Vandenabeele : violin (BE)

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