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vendredi 01 juin 2012 , 20:00 Maison du Peuple St-Gilles, 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 Bruxelles (St-Gilles)

Queimada : MandolinMan, Poke, A Contrabanda

Bal folk

La Queimada is a musical event dedicated to group and couple folk dance. Two quality folk dance groups are on this agenda together with our traditional Galician group A Contrabanda, fired up by fanfare rhythms, as well as folk dance inititation/lesson led by Pierre Chesneau at 20.00.

Few people know Belgium’s secret, that of musical collector Hubert Boone’s fabulous musical archives, inspired by the famous John Lomax. The work has been taken over by Hubert’s son, Andries Boone who has put the archives to good use and even revitalised them. We are talking about a collection of melodies coming from Eppegen, Hever, Zaveventem and Elewijt – to name just a few places. Could these sounds be echos from the Appalaches ? or Flamboyances from Northumbria ? or Melancholies from Lisbon ? and Elegances from Cap-Verde ? Nothing like it ! they are from Brabant and its surroundings and are brushed up by an amazing quartet of mandolines for their own folk-dance style : Bal MandolinMan

And then at the crossroads of musical influences, Poke travels along some highly original musical paths. These four musicians are putting out some heavy folk-dance sounds, mixing in rock, funk and pop-jazz and their adventure is only just beginning.

Jonas Thin (20 & 16 inch bagpipes, and uilleann pipes), Colin Delzant (cello), Pierre Chesneau (soprano sax and Irish whistles), Sylvain Letourneau (guitar).

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