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mercredi 22 août 2012 , 22:30 Espace Saint Mengold, Espace Saint Mengold, Place Verte, 4500 Huy

Festival d’Art de Huy | Free Concert

Orchestre International du Vetex

Orchestre International du Vetex is a crazy musical collective of 12-17 musicians coming from France, Belgium and the Balkans.

They started up as a kind of temporary marching brassband that wanted to save an abandoned old textile factory in the Flemish town of Kortrijk. But since their start in 2004, they became one of the finest and hottest worldmusic acts from Belgium and France. From an acoustic brassband playing weddings and funerals, they became a wellknown and respected brilliant and energetic liveact playing on famous festivals such as Montreal Jazz, Colour Café, Esperanzah, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Aachen, Paris, Amsterdam,...
In october 2011 they released their brand new album ’Total Tajine’, a double-CD the band recorded in Novi Sad (Serbia) and where they mix up balkan music, tarantella, reggae, afrobeat with latin american cumbia style... Reviews are great. ‘Total Tajine’ is more than a record, it became a double album with 28 songs ánd a recipe of an own ‘transborder’ tajine, with flavours from Flanders, Wallonia and the North of France…

Organisation : Festival d’Art de Huy in collaboration with Muziekpublque

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