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samedi 18 août 2012 , 20:00 Couvent des Frères Mineurs, Couvent des Frères Mineurs, rue Vankeerberghen, 4500 Huy

Festival d’Art de Huy

Christian Zehnder Quartett | Aurélia ft. Serigne C.M. Gueye

The voice is a mysterious instrument. You think you know it - after all, it’s something you use every day. It seems to have already been fully explored, its dimensions defined, and then along comes some one like the singer from Swiss duo ’Stimmhorn’, Christian Zehnder with his new quartet, and questions begin to arise. Christian Zehnder became known with the award-winning duo Stimmhorn, which has shaped modern Swiss folklore with extraordinary sound performances since 1996. Besides his own projects (kraah, gländ and schmelz), he has worked as a soloist with various international formations like Huun Huur Tu, Mercan Dede, the casal quartett and Don Li. As a New Music artist Christian has already performed with the Amazonas Opera of the Munich Biennale and cooperated with the renowned Latvian Radio Choir from Riga. His interest in the performing arts also takes him to the theater, where he works in projects as a performance musician, composer or director.

- Christian Zehnder (vocals, yodel, throat singing, bandoneon…)
- Michel Pfeuti (double bass)
- Barbara Schirmer (hackbrett = swiss cymbalon)
- Thomas Weiss (percussion)

Expérimental Folk acoustic music ? Ethnic Cabaret ? Aurelia’s music has punk or ……resonance. It traverses a thousand provinces, zigzag between the melancholy of the alto, and wild imagining vocals, sensuality and refinement, humor and poetry. Shall we ? On stage, these musicians emanate a rare energy and complicity. It’s raw, beautiful ; a never ending voyage… Influenced by West African trance, the music from Aurelia searches for new horizons and finds a nest in the tranquilizing rythms and pureness of melodie , the soothing sounds of the Mali blues. Combined with the typical Aurelia approach, this intense encounter with master percussion player Serigne C.M. Gueye results in honest and sparkling music.

- Aurélie Dorzée (violin, trumpet violin, alto, vocals)
- Tom Theuns (acoustic guitar, vocals)
- Serigne C.M. Gueye (calebash, bongo, vocals)

Organisation : Festival d’Art de Huy in collaboration with Muziekpublique

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