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samedi 21 juillet 2012 , 15:00 Place de la Monnaie, 1000 Bruxelles

B-United Festival

Odemba OK Jazz All Stars & Papa Noël, Orkestar Braka Kadrievi, Dédé Saint-Prix, La Mal Coiffée, Karim Baggili Sextet

For the tenth anniversary of B-United, the City of Brussels and Muziekpublique have great pleasure in organizing this festival in a highly symbolic square : the newly renovated Place de la Monnaie.
A festive and family atmosphere aimed at music-lovers, gourmets, the curious and, of course, lovers of world music in particular. Games, an initiation to the circus and street art will all add additional enjoyment to the event.
Programme :
- 15:00 Karim Baggili Sextet (B)
- 16:15 Cie Che Cirque ’Jump’
- 17:00 La Mal Coiffée (Occitània)
- 18:15 Orkestar Braka Kadrievi (Balkan Brass Band)
- 19:00 Dédé Saint-Prix (Martinique)
- 20:15 Orkestar Braka Kadrievi (Macedonian Gypsy Brass)
- 21:00 Odemba OK Jazz All Stars & Papa Noël (Rumba Legends)

Juggling with Arab, South American, classical, contemporary or flamenco styles of music, Karim Baggili has a real flair for surrounding himself with excellent musicians to distill this image-filled and spellbinding music that so well characterizes his precise and elegant compositions.

Che Cirque proposes juggling, object manipulatin, and bicycle arts, dance and acrobatics. These are used as a poetic language to bring out theatrical situations and characters. Improvisation and spontaneity is essential in the work of the company which is always open to the unexpected.

Digging deeply into popular song from the Languedoc, La Mal Coiffée derives from it its own unique sound, marked by a sensual pulse. Day- by-day, the group’s polyphonic work reinvents and is enriched by this powerful and generous raw material derived from the Occitan popular tradition. From the bistrots of their early days to the stages of the biggest European festivals, La Mal Coiffée has won the hearts of the widest public imaginable.

Dédé Saint-Prix is renowned as the finest player of the traditional “chouval bwa” of his island, Martinique. Looking back over a career of 45 years and some thirty albums, this veritable living legend loves to wander over varied musical landscapes : kompa, Haitian rara, son, ragga, hip-hop, charanga,… Whether it’s the percussion, the singing or the flute, these are first and foremost staggering live performances which strike home immediately. Dédé Saint-Prix invariably leaves an undying memory of interminable dancing !

The Orkestar Braka Kadrievi is a Macedonian Gypsy brass band that owes its reputation in part to Emir Kusturica’s film "Time of the Gipsies". This ‘orkestar’ is made up of five generations of a family of 40 musicians, children and adults, traditionally all recruited to the musical ensemble. The team chosen for B-United is made up of eight musicians, all firmly anchored in the purest tradition of family music-making and who can pride themselves both on having trodden the platforms of the best brass bands and on including the best trumpeter of the famous Brass Band Festival of Guca. Let yourself be carried away by the alchemy of a bitter-sweet music that exalts the hottest fiestas.

The legendary Franco has, for twenty-five years, been seen as the most famous representative in Africa of the rumba and the odemba, the ancestral musical style of the present-day soukous. Most of the musicians in the Odemba OK Jazz All Stars have worked with Franco. As for the guitarist, Dizzy Mandjeku, he has played not only with Franco but also with the TP OK Jazz, Tabu Ley, Veve, Bana OK, Afrisa International, Les Grands Maquisards, Zap Mama and Waldemar Bastos... In short, a truly great figure in the history of music !

For this big festival, Odemba is offering us a fine present by inviting another big name that many people imagine they know : Papa Noël (in person !). Guitarist and singer, this excellent musician has also trodden the boards with the “Tout Puissants” from TP OK Jazz, thus writing some of the finest pages in the history of the DRC. What a fine public then for this band renowned for its great moments of dancing and good fun : atmosphere guaranteed !

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