Adana - Muziekpublique Queimada: Trio 14 (BE), Bargainatt (FR), A Contrabanda


Vardan Hovanissian (duduk, Armenia/B) and Emre Gültekin (saz, tanbur, vocals, Turkey/B) find each other in a new duo album commemorating the Armenian Genocide centenary (in april 2015).

The project is a symbol of reconciliation, celebrating the sound of the Armenian duduk (one of the world’s most anceint double reed instruments) accompanied by the Turkish saz (long necked lute) with texts in Turkish and Armenian. Feelings of melancholy are evoked and juxtaposed to more cheerful melodies, born from a shared passion for music and demonstrating the ability to revive history in a positive way. Accompanied by a number of renowned guest artists (Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Belgium) creating a rich sound palette, traditional melodies rub shoulders with own compositions.

- Vardan Hovanissian (duduk) (Armenia – BE): Arrangements, artistic direction, musician
- Emre Gültekin (saz, baglama, voice)(Turkey – BE): Arrangements, musician
- Joris Vanvinckenroye (double bass) (BE)
- Simon Leleux (daf, percussions) (BE)

- Ertan Tekin (duduk) (Turkey): Guest
- Arcadi Bogossian (tar) (Armenia – NL) : Guest
- Ruben Durunts (dhor) (Armenia) : Guest

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You can buy ADANA

- By postal delivery, after making a bank transfer of 17€ on the bank account BE22 7350 0490 4447. Specify ’name artists, name cd’ and address’.
for bank transfers from Europe: 19 € on: IBAN : BE22 7350 0490 4447 BIC : KREDBEBB
for bank transfers from outside Europe: send an e-mail to to get more information.
- in good record shops in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Ireland (distribution by Discovery Records) and in France or via the main online distributors.
- At Muziekpublique from Tuesday to Friday between 10.30-13h and 15-18h, or in the evening during our concerts, for 15€.
- On iTunes,...
- You can listen to the album on Deezer, Spotify...

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