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Maayo Men

"Maayo Men" captures all the warmth, beauty and authenticity of Senegalese music. It pays tribute to the Laawbe, instrument makers and musicians who have traditionally taken responsibility for the oral transmission of knowledge between generations. Malick’s CD aims to capture some of this rich oral tradition, painting a vivid picture of the everyday life and culture of the Fula people.

Maayo Men ("our river") pays tribute to the river Fuuta Toro, which forms a natural border between Senegal and Mauritania. After years of conflict, this waterway has become a meeting place where dugout canoes from the two countries pass each other peacefully. The themes dealt with in this first Muziekpublique CD (protection of the environment, preservation of linguistic and cultural heritage, respect for diversity …) are as relevant in the musicians’ home countries as they are here in Belgium.

Malick Pathé Sow : hoddu, guitar, vocals
Bao Sissoko : kora
A. Komlan Octave : Calabash
Mady Kouyate : guitar
Désiré Somé : guitar
Pape Baro
: percussion
Athia Sow : backing vocals
Sylvie Nawasadio : backing vocals
Issa Mbaye Diary Sow : Nianiooru
Emre Gültekin : Saz (soundingeneer)

You can buy the cd:

- At Muziekpublique on weekdays between 10.30-13h and 15-18h, or in the evening during our concerts

- The cd can be ordered in Belgium by bank transfer of 17€ on the bank account BE22 7350 0490 4447 BIC : KREDBEBB. Specify ’cd Malick’ and adress’.

- for bank transfers from abroad19€ on: KBC, Sint-Katelijne, Dansaertstraat 75, B-1000 Brussel IBAN : BE22 7350 0490 4447 BIC : KREDBEBB

- If you want to order the cd from outside Europe please contact us by mail on ’helene(at)’.

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