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The not-for-profit foundation Muziekpublique keeps music and dance traditions alive and kicking in Brussels through an ambitious program of concerts, courses, and projects.

But since 2008, Muziekpublique is also a record label that supports and promotes professional artists living in Belgium. There’s a lot of talent gathered in Brussels. We help some of them to develop their career in Belgium and abroad, recording a CD, promoting their concerts. Besides that, Muziekpublique also stimulates non-professional artists to play together and form bands.

Check our currently available releases

- Malick Pathé Sow: Bluesy Fula music from Senegalese hoddu master (2008)

- Shahkilid: Iranian masters of improvisation (2009)

- Blindnote: Some twenty instruments, from the sub-Saharan hoddu to the Anatolian saz, contribute to Blindnote’s unique meeting of sounds (2010)

- Zongora: Belgian/Bulgarian Balkan Beats (2011)

- Malick Pathé Sow & Bao Sissoko - Aduna Accoustic Senegalese duo (2012)

- Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin - ’Adana’ Armenian Turkish reconciliation (2015)

- Refugees for Refugees - ’Amerli’ (2016)

- Voxtra - ’The Encounter of Vocal Heritage’ (2016)

- Mola Sylla, Bao Sissoko, Wouter Vandenabeele - ’Tamala’ NEW RELEASE A contemporary dimension to the West-African tradition (2017)

Get our CD’s

- By postal delivery, after making a bank transfer. Check for more details on the album titles.

- in good record shops in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Ireland (distribution by Discovery Records), France and Japan or via the main online distributors.

- At Muziekpublique on weekdays between 10.30-13h and 15-18h, or in the evening during our concerts

- On iTunes

- You can listen to our albums on Deezer, Spotify...

Los Cholos (Peru) & Tlacuatzin (Mexico)

Sonamos Latinoamerica Festival

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El Tuyero Ilustrado (Venezuela) + La Tregua trio (Arg-Chili)

Sonamos Latinoamerica Festival

On Saturday evening the Sonamos festival is presenting a concert by the Venezuelan duo El Tuyero Ilustrado. The basis of their music is the traditional Venezuelan “joropo tuyero”. The Sonamos (...)

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Middle Eastern Violin

Shalan Alhamwy

In these classes we will approach the traditional instrumental repertoire with an original point of view, analyzing all the scales, ornaments and virtuosity elements. Shalan has developed a (...)

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