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OSUNA creates bridges between Anatolia and meridional Siberia, past and present.

The Turkish strings of the saz and tanbur blend in with those of the Siberian harps (chatkhan) and medieval fiddles creating a hybrid silky texture.

Balkan asymmetrical rhythms, Tuva throat singing, Turkish minstrels and ancient ballads are the themes touched upon by the group. Whether it is in a traditional style fashion or in pure improvisation.

From June 2014 Osuna presents a new program HASRET or ’The Song of Yearning’

From Medieval Europe to China, OSUNA takes the ancient journey of the bards and poets whom yearning lead beyond, to the next village, the one of their roots, their love, on their exile, their uncertain future, to the place where song itself takes them

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Noche de Flamenco : Marisol Valderrama Guerrero Sextet

Raices y Alas

Vous avez peut-être vu ‘Raices y Alas’, le spectacle de la danseuse de Flamenco Belgo-Andalouse Marisol Valderrama. Elle nous revient cette année avec une nouvelle interprétation de son exploration de (...)

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Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa (IT/ALB)

Maria Mazzotta (chanteuse italienne du Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino) et Redi Hasa (violoncelliste albanais de Ludovico Einaudi) tissent un dialogue entre la voix et le violoncelle, la (...)

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Violon folk

Aurélie Dorzée

Le cours sera d’une part axé sur le travail du violon (articulation, son, swing, ornements…) sur base d’un répertoire de danses (scottiche, mazurkas, bourrées, valses, reels, gigues…) et airs (...)

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