Saturday 03 June 2017, 19:00, Maison du Peuple St-Gilles

Queimada : Les Frères d’Eeckère, Naragonia Quartet

Bal Folk

This final queimada of the season has a Brussels and family character. Following a dance initiation the evening opens with Les Frères d’Eeckère, two musical bothers from Ekeren and closes with an absolute top folk-dance group, the Naragonia Quartet. In between A Contrabanda will accompany the preparation of the quiemada with a special programme in which Gallician song plays the lead (...)

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Wednesday 07 June 2017, 21:00, Molière

África Negra (São tomé)

+ Rebel UP Afterparty !

Africa Negra is the most important musical ambassador on the island of Sao Tome and Principe, located on the shores of Equatorial Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Their notoriety has only grown since 1974. The group is extremely popular in Portuguese-speaking African countries and among the diaspora around the world.

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Saturday 27 May 2017, 20:00, Molière

SOLD OUT ! Totó la Momposina y Sus Tambores (Colombia)

The voice of cumbia

The diva, the superstar, the living legend famous throughout Latin America, Totó la Momposina always takes time, during her tours, to share her knowledge of traditional and popular Colombian music. Generous with her explanations on stage, she is also skilful in gathering the finest acoustic musicians around her. The joy that lights up her face when she starts dancing, her captivating charisma and her contagious high-voltage energy are irresistible. What is her secret? Nobody knows, but some (...)

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Thursday 15 June 2017, 20:00, Molière

Máirtín O’Connor Trio (Irish Folk Music)

Trad Fest

These three legendary artists come together with a very special synergy that ignites audiences and brings them to their feet. Virtuoso accordion player, Máirtín, superb fiddle and banjo player, Cathal and beloved guitarist and vocalist Seamie, explore Irish music in innovative and contemporary styles while staying rooted in the tradition. The Trio’s joyous performances and kinship on stage make them a must see and (...)

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End of Season Festival

Students take over the Stage (10/6 and 11/6)

Muziekpublique’s season is almost over and we bring it to a close in a festive mood, putting the spotlight on our students. Our End of Season Festival will cover pretty much the whole world: from (...)

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Turkish music ensemble

Tristan Driessens & Emre Gültekin

The Ensemble de musiques savantes et populaires de Turquie (Turkish scholarly and popular music ensemble) is a weekly course that offers a chance to work on pieces drawn from the rich and varied (...)

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Manouche Swing Guitar

Renaud Dardenne

This course is open for guitar players, but also for other instruments. Contact us if you wish to attend the course with another instrument.

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East-West Ensemble

Elias Bachoura and Wouter Vandenabeele

Wouter Vandenabeele and Elias Bachoura are starting up a new student ensemble. The two are musical friends and partners that have travelled together along the same musical highways. They (...)

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Osvaldo Hernandez

The course During this group course, Osvaldo will cover the different techniques of the Afro-Peruvian cajon as well as the rhythms that are more frequently used in contemporary music styles such (...)

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In addition to the weekly newsletter and bi-monthly brochure Muziekpublique has a facebook page to keep our loyal followers informed of the goings-on in the Belgian world music scene. ’Like’ our (...)

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